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The Gila County Museum is located on the Old West Highway in Globe in the 1920 Mine Rescue Station. For us, it’s all about history and service. The research library is one of the best places to find information on lost relatives, rural Arizona, or the local mining industry. The research volunteers will work with you to find the information you need, and the history greeters will make your visit fun and informative.  

Gila County Historical Society
Board of Directors

John Armer

Robert Bigando

Peggy Hilker

Dee Hunt

Kenneth Johnson

Myrna Lenox

Linda Lopez

Mary Anne Moreno

Peggy Snow

Ken Hein

Carl Lopez

Sheldon Miller

Fernando Shipley

Aimee Staten May Sullivan

Randy Sullivan

Claudia Armer

Katrina Kjellstrom-Holmes

Chris Bruscha

Charles Snow


Mary Anne Moreno - President

Carl Lopez - Vice President

Peggy Snow - Secretary

Sheldon Miller - Treasurer

Robert Bigando - Gila County Historical Director

Honorary Members: Ken Hein, Stan Gibson and Bob Zache





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